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Discover the Western Frontier!

Western Frontier is one of three new virtual slot Casino Games released this month by online gambling powerhouse Microgaming. As the name suggests, the game adopts a western “Cowboys and Indians” theme, which is incredibly apparent after one glance at the user interface. Western Frontier is a five reel, fifteen payline slot game that features a chance to win multiple free games when you get three or more Lucky Horseshoes anywhere on the reel.

Microgaming is Looking Good This Month!

This month’s two other Microgaming Casino Games releases, Octopays and Break Away, offer players just as many chances to win, making November a very good month for Microgaming fans. And the upcoming Battlestar Galactica slot game adds a whole new experience system to the slot game that is sure to get fans talking. But Western Frontier is certainly the most colorful and inviting of the bunch and the western theme makes for a fun environment to play around in.

Win Yourself a Free Game or Two!

But besides the aesthetics, Western Frontier has one more incredible feature that makes it easy for players to win money without even paying! That feature, of course, is the two stage free game system that revolves around the Lucky Horseshoe symbols. When you get three or more of these Lucky Horseshoes, the game’s Indian feature will determine how many free games you get. Any and all winnings earned during these free games can then be turned around and doubled or quadrupled through a meta-game gambling feature, which makes finding those Lucky Horseshoes an incredibly adrenaline-filled experience.

Try Out Western Frontier Today!

Overall, Western Frontier features a fun atmosphere and a lot of incentive to keep playing thanks to the ability to easily win free games. Microgaming impresses once again, and Western Frontier, along with Octopays, Break Away, and the upcoming Battlestar Galactica, make the next few months look really exciting for virtual slot players looking for great Casino Games!