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Are you craving for something sweet? Well, here is ‘ So Much Candy ’ from Microgaming, which will give you the sweetest experience of all. You will love it just as much as you love the casino and the online slots. The features and the boldness of the game will surprise you with delightful candy colors and appearances. The bright colors will entice you more into playing this game where you will be able to see old designed candy pieces with different edges.

‘So Much Candy’ has the symbol of a sweet that splits up into 5 pieces, offering up to 25 symbol wins. There are free spins in this game as well, which are sugar coated anywhere on the reels. The players get a menu of five free spins, which will be different, each with several variables for each line.

When the symbol in the game changes, it associates with the high symbols of reels during free spins. It is an old candy store, which the players will definitely enjoy. There is rock candy, fruit flavored candy and strawberry swirls, which you can enjoy during the game.

It virtually gives you a perfect experience of candy stores. The spins are mouthwatering, because of the beautifully wrapped and unwrapped candies, which trigger the players to play even more.

Different rules apply during the game to win it, such as general, scattered, wild, bonus and free spin rules. They belong under the scattered and non-scattered categories. There are designated positions for each candy and they get the replica as the players keep on winning. Different bets apply during the game in order to make it favorable for the player.

Get yourself ‘ So Much Candy ’ that you can have all the sweetness you need in the moment. Grabbing the chance and not letting it go would be best for you at every point. It fulfills the cravings for casino games of the players, which they have been missing in their life. Here is more fun, so start clicking away at your favourite new online casino!